What accessory could you not live without? #jewellery #accessories #streetstyle

Most of of us have a favourite accessory that is a staple for our wardrobe. Whether its a favourite clutch, heirloom ring, favourite #jewellery or vintage sunnies, its the #accessory that you can rely on to polish off your look.

To celebrate the imminent launch of John&Pearl SS13 collection this August, I took to the streets of Brixton armed with a chalkboard, camera, samples from the new collection and a smile to invite the lovely ladies of Brixton to share their favourite accessories and model the John&Pearl collection for me!


Dressing up Dogs



So today I have my sister’s dog in my care. Her name is Milly and she is a one and a half year old Hungarian Viszla. She is a posh dog from Angel and she’s roughing it down Sauf London today.

Given that she woke me at 6am this morning, I decided that I could put her to good use as a model for John&Pearl!

She looked so great in the neon stud necklace (on sale soon!) that I had to take a photo. What do you think? Is a new range of dog collars on the cards?!

Don’t forget to enter the competition to win a bracelet – like the facebook page and share the photo on your timeline. You have until Thursday 26th.

J x

Autumn/Winter Trends 2012

At the Pulse London trade show that I visited on the 12th of June, Mix also discussed key colours and themes of what is going to be hot for this winter.

So the three key themes outlines by Mix were headed “Bleep”, “Ember” and “Shanty”

Bleep was by far my favourite, it focusses on retro computing imagery given playful personality. Key colours include metallic greys, lemony yellows, bright tomato reds, pastel apple green and flat powder blue.


“Ember” is concerned with the translation of images relating to the recent natural disasters in the world. The hues are more like traditional warm winter colours such as rich browns, charcoals, burnt oranges and deep wine red, freshened up with butter yellow and a jade hue in the pallette.

“Shanty” is fun and nautical, think nautical stripes, Primary red, and blue, pastel green and baby blues.

I thought it was interesting how bright the colour forecast is for next winter. I can’t wait to see bright colour popping accessories cheering up winter next season!

J x

About John &Pearl

I love to design and make things, it is my greatest skill and biggest passion. I am Julie, and this is John & Pearl.

Who are John and Pearl? The brand is named after my wonderful grandparents. John is a brave, proud and gentle man, Pearl will never been seen without her trademark high heels and strings of pearls. They are a fab pair and are my inspiration and role models.

John & Pearl launched it’s first independent jewellery collection for Spring/Summer 2013 in August 2012. We now sell in over 15 countries worldwide, see our stockist list for more details.

As well as jewellery, I will be sharing trend reports, D.I.Y projects, style tips, experiences in the industry and other products I have been making, from home ware to illustrations. Please follow us, chat to us and help John & Pearl grow!

To see our products, jump over to our website, www.johnandpearl.co.uk

Julie x