D.I.Y Make your own phone pouch for under a fiver!


Hello! So I went into a phone shop and looked at the phone covers available for my brand spanking new Samsung Galaxy S3. It is was to shiny for me to just chuck in my handbag with keys, makeup, coins and the other random stuff i keep in there so I need to protect him. The cheapest was about £30 and was soooo boring! So I resolved to make my own, and now you can too with my tutorial below. The fabric I bought at John Lewis. They let you buy 10cm off a reel with a width of over a metre which is enough for about 3 covers if you are careful and only costs £1.25 per pattern. The felt was in a 5 sheet multi-pack, also in John Lewis for £2.55.

Tell me how yours turns out!

Thanks for reading! if you want to check out our jewels, please visit our website www.johnandpearl.co.uk
J x


4 thoughts on “D.I.Y Make your own phone pouch for under a fiver!

  1. I have a Samsung galaxy note 3, and couldn’t find a decent case either. i wanted one that would hold a debit card, drivers license and some cash, so I could use it as a purse since I don’t like to carry one all the time. I found one on Amazon for under $10. You might want to check it out.

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