Three Great Cafes for Creative Thinking

You’ll see us gazing into space and scratching sketches in our Moleskine notebooks. We are creative entrepreneurs and we are coming to a coffee shop near you.
There has been a massive rise in the number of people I have met recently doing it for themselves. I have friends working in London as fashion designers, photographers, video bloggers and writers. For all of us, either regularly or in the early stages of setting up, there is a shared need for space.
With rents in cities like London soaring, something great that has been born out of the lack of space, an emergence of mobile workers coming together in shared work environments; cafes saturated with creative thoughts and fingers tapping on Mac Books.
Cafes are catching on to the idea and creating collaborative hubs with snug sofas and artisanal coffee.
I travel around Europe quite a bit for fashion weeks and store visits so here are three of my favourite spots for inspiration seeking individuals to get out of the office and into creative head space.

AntiCafé – (multiple locations in Paris & Rome)anti-cafe-12

An ace cafe chain in Paris and Rome with a collaborative atmosphere openly targeting students and freelancers.

For few euros per hour they provide you unlimited with coffee and tea, snacks and fruits, fast Wi-Fi and access to a projector, printer, scanner and… board games! They will even let you bring in your own food/soft drinks.

Mitte – Carrer de Bailèn, 86 Barcelona
A great place for some peace off the busy Barcelona streets. They do coffee, cake, snacks, healthy looking lunches, cava and G&Ts in a lounge-y setting with plenty of comfy sofas. It is a mixed crowd with some people catching up over drinks, book clubs and a cute exhibition space that was a collaboration with a Japanese collective when we visited. The staff are great and are the right side of attentive, so you don’t feel like an inconvenience but do feel attended when you want to be.
Salt Cafe – Morningside, Edinburgh salt cafe

I am biased here because this place is my brother’s place, but it is definitely worthy of its place on this list. Although it says it is a cafe, Salt offer some really delicious locally sourced food from Scottish Langoustines to freshly baked cakes. During Edinburgh Festival in August, it is a great place to escape to madness and do some planning or have a casual working lunch. Check them out on Facebook and see for yourself!

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J x

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