D.I.Y Easter Eggs, Glitter and Blue Fingers

Happy Easter from J&P! We love being creative, so to celebrate the season of guilt-free mass chocolate consumption, we created a little stop-motion Easter video! Click below to play.

To make your own dyed eggs for Easter there are some great tutorials about. For hard boiled edible eggs check out the tutorial on brilliant blog Honestly YUM.

We used hollowed hen eggs but duck eggs (which are white, not brown to begin with) will give a brighter colour.

To do them like ours, follow these steps:-

  1. Prick holes in either end of the egg with a large needle, making a larger hole at the wide part of the egg then from the egg’s pointy end, blow hard to push all the yolk and white out over a bowl.
  2. Next you dye them in a bath of food colouring. Mix up 2 tbsp of white vinegar to one cup of hot water and about 12 drops of food colouring. (I got impatient and brushed the dye on, hence the blue fingers!)
  3. When the eggs are dyed to the desired colour, remove and allow to dry then flick with metallic paint and glitter to created speckles.

For our video, we went the extra mile and sawed them in half to create our pop-open eggs. The sawing is not easy at all and I wouldn’t recommend trying as the shells are so delicate! We used a jewellers saw and micro-fine blade and broke a few in the process!

Have a go and make some fun mess! Our prep pics are below.


1. Prick holes in the eggs                          2. Dye (or brush on dye)


3. Splatter with flecks (gold/blue etc)        4. Go create!

Thanks for reading! If you want to check out our jewels, please visit our website www.johnandpearl.co.uk

J x

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