John & Pearl is an exciting, energetic young jewellery label producing bold statement jewellery that is unique, colourful and fun to wear.

After six years of experience designing for luxury costume jewellery brands in London, designer Julie Hannay set up John & Pearl to be freed creatively to design the kind of jewellery she loves for the kind of girl she knows.

John & Pearl jewellery is wearable, fashionable, affordable luxury, designed to be treasured and admired.

Julie designs bold, fresh looking jewellery with confident use of colour, and a strong emphasis on quality and originality. In August 2012, John & Pearl released their first collection, PIGMENT, at Pure London.

For more information on the brand, please contact or take a look at our website. We also love to chat- follow us on facebook or drop us a note on twitter or the blog for news and promos!

As well as jewellery, I will be sharing trend reports, D.I.Y projects, style tips, experiences in the industry and other products I have been making, from home ware to illustrations.

Please follow us and help John & Pearl grow!


Julie x


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